About SEAP

Software Exporters association of Pune (SEAP)

SEAP was formed as an association of Software Exporters of Pune in 1998. The initial focus was to interact with various government agencies and provide member software companies the needed support for establishing efficient operations. In its second phase SEAP saw its membership grow and as larger companies made Pune its home, newer needs and newer ideas emerged. Seeds were sown to enhance collaboration within the industry companies. A new initiative of encouraging start-ups, called Pune connect was launched in 2011. What started with 10 entrants, Pune Connect attracted 100+ entrants in a 2013.SEAP is working closely with various government agencies to provide policy inputs as well as discussing broader issues faced by member companies. It has also been releasing a Pune focussed Compensation and Benefits Survey for the past three years. As the number of product companies in Pune grows, it becomes necessary that the professionals have an opportunity to develop themselves as product leaders in a global market. Realising this need, SEAP has announced an initiative SEAP Scholar program in association with Institute of Product Leadership Bangalore.

For more details visit: http://www.softexpune.org/